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17th Mar 2014

Note: Tay or Spike may not always type a response to every rejected applicant explaining why exactly they were denied the opportunity. This is done to save our time that I may lack to answer multiple applications in bulk.  

Whence The Forum Is Locked and They say Accepted or Denied/Invalid, please dont post a new Application. Just wait till the next time Applications are open.

Convince Her as to why you'll make for a better moderator than the other applicants. Try to use proper grammar and spelling so that your application is coherent. Nobody needs to have perfect spelling and grammar in this instance but I'm not going to take an extra five minutes trying to read your application if I cannot understand it. Also try to type more than a few sentences, answering the application in detail. I like to read paragraphs but if you begin to talk about your twelve cats, you know you're starting to go off-topic. The more impressive you make yourself seem the better your chances are of being accepted.

Other wise you may not even get moderator.

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Most Likely Dealing with players

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Forum » Forums » Chat Moderator Locked
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