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Joined: 21st Mar 2014
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21st Mar 2014

Hai there!
My In-Game Name: wafflesnatcher
Time Zone: Mountain Time Zone (UTC-07:00)        
How long have you played on the server?: I got to admit, not that long. About 2-3 days, but I play on the server a lot.
Age: 11 but very mature!
Have you ever been warned? (If so, for what?): I have been warned once. For Spam Via Hashtag
Have you ever been banned? (If so, what happened?): No, I have not.
Have you ever been muted? (If so, what happened?): Never been muted!
How are you qualified for this position?: I have been a mod before on a server. I'm very nice and do what the owner(s) or a higher rank will say. I also hate spammers. A lot.
Why should you be picked over somebody else?: I think I should be picked over someone else because I might have a bigger knowledge in commands and I just really hate spammers...
Why do you want this position?: I want this position because I would like to help another server. The other server was sold to some kit PVP idiots.
Have you reviewed the chat moderator commands/policies?: Yes, I have.
Why you want to be a Moderator: So I may help and stop teh spammers before the ruin this perfect server!
In-Game Name: wafflesnatcher

Joined: 17th Mar 2014
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22nd Mar 2014

Thank you wafflesnatcher, Spike and I will decide as well as the Co_Owners Sonic and Tay. We will get back to you ASAP.

Joined: 17th Mar 2014
Rank: Co Owner
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22nd Mar 2014

Sarah, Spike, Sonic, and I will discuss your application. We'll get back to you soon. Thanks for applying.


~+~ I will not bow, I will not break, I will shut the world away. I will not fail, I will not fade, I will take your breath away ~+~

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