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16th Mar 2014


You're almost just as powerful as I am which is why this position was bestowed upon very few. Just like the chat moderators, you're expected to follow a form of guidelines as I do still have the power of demotion if you don't.


I ask that administrators help with the general community. This being that you resolve any disputes or contentious matters between players, and you also help anybody who requires assistance where chat moderators normally could not. You should resolve topics in the reports section of the forums; banning hackers, griefers, clearing or resetting inappropriate plots, etc., so long as the proof is sufficient or presented.

Administrators should be clearheaded when handling the community. I'm not asking you to put on a fake smile when communicating, but when you're frustrated or stressed out, mistakes and bad decisions occur more often as your judgement is clouded. It is inevitable that certain players will be more annoying than others and it's best to ignore them than argue with them since you have more important tasks anyway. Nobody should be banned for being annoying and this is not a form of punishable harassment either, as I noticed a few moderators of the past would have considered it as such.

As an administrator, you shall help observe the current team of moderators, providing me with any notes or feedback regarding their character (their behavior, etc) you feel I should be informed of. Assist me in making sure chat moderators are doing their jobs, reminding them that they should be moderating the chat when they are not and that they should appear professional while doing so. Remember that this still applies to yourself also. You're not necessarily the boss of chat moderators but it should be known that you have a much more powerful influence, so it's wise for them to take your advice. Any moderators who are inactive, unresponsive, or may need a demotion, private message me on the forums and I'll look into it.

Acceptable rule enforcement will be detailed later in this topic, but you will assign bans when necessary. Also understand that you will still monitor the chat when moderators aren't currently present. It's just not as high of a priority as it once was now that you have other duties to attend to.

To conclude this part of the section, I still make the decisions of whether or not somebody should be promoted or demoted. I still make the decision of whether or not to decline or accept somebody's permanent mute or ban appeal. If you have permanently banned somebody and they appeal, it would be nice to submit feedback, screenshots, or the link to the report filed against them so that I can come to an easier decision of whether or not to pardon the appeal. If nobody can prove that the person asking to be pardoned did anything wrong, then I will have no choice but to pardon them.


If any administrator responds to a report and resolves the issue, inform the topic creator and any other administrator who may also be on duty that you have taken care of the problem by posting so in the report. Every administrator should have the ability to also lock the topic, so after the report has been resolved, lock it. Reports will need to be resolved constantly otherwise we're going to be overwhelmed.



Use /tpo <player>
This is also how you teleport to players who may be in /vanish.


Use /tppos <x> <y> <z>
This is useful for teleporting to coordinates that may be found in a griefing report.
reading. For example you may see the following in a logblock report:

To teleport here you would enter: /tppos 6803 68 -6457


Banning is similar to the mute commands.
/tempban <player> <duration> <reason>
/ban <player <reason>

Acceptable ban reasoning is listed below.

Use these commands to teleport through walls to enter inappropriate areas that are blocked off.


Useful commands to remember:

/plotme protect - Protects the plot you're standing on, meaning the plot will not expire and cannot be cleared or reset until the protection is manually removed by an administrator.

/plotme tp <plot ID> - Self-explanatory, you will be teleported to the ID of the plot.

/plotme clear - Clears the plot you're standing on. This will reset the plot to its original condition but it will still retain ownership and anybody who was added to the plot.

/plotme reset - Resets the plot you're standing on. This will reset the plot to its original condition while also removing ownership and anybody added to the plot.

As an adminstrator, you have full access to the plotme plugin. This means that you can clear, reset, and protect plots. You can worldedit and access any plot without needing to be added to it first, etc. I do not think I need to remind administrators that they shouldn't be modifying any plot without the owner's consent first, unless there is probable cause to do so. This will be explained below:


If you stumbled upon or teleported to a plot that contains offensive materials (Nazi symbolism, genitalia, etc) then the plot is to be reset, and whoever constructed the obscenities to be permanently banned. For the most part, logblock should be able to detect the modifications if they were recent enough, but sometimes it'll be unclear because the construction will be so old and there will also be multiple people added to the plot, so just reset it instead of banning everybody who may have been added to the plot.

Plots with other inappropriate areas, items or signs (typically strip clubs) that aren't nearly as offensive as a swastika are to be cleared. You can give the plot owner a fair warning if they're online and you want to be nice, but if they refuse to comply either with you or another authority figure then the plot should be cleared. If the plot owner or friends reconstructs the inappropriate areas again, they are to be banned for a week, the plot owner included since it is their plot and they should make sure that nobody builds anything inappropriate on the plot. Next offense will be a permanent ban.

Plots that are expired (you can verify this by checking the plot's information by /plot info) can be reset. There is a list of expired plots (/plotme expired) but I'm not expecting anybody to go through this entire list to reset the expired plots. Spike will eventually shut the server down for maintenance and have the entire list cleared anyway.

Griefed plots covered in lava or water:

Most griefers are unoriginal and like to dump buckets of water or lava on a plot. When you come across a griefing like this, it's a simple fix.

1. Find who created the liquids. If you cannot locate a source using the toolblock, use logblock commands and parameters. /lb created lava (or water) area <#>

1. After you found out who created the lava or water, use /select,

2. Type "//replace 8,9,10,11 0"
EDIT: You currently are not able to WorldEdit more than two types of blocks, I will soon fix this permission for admins. For now you can do two at a time.

3. Wait for the lava and water to completely drain and look for any block destructions or unwanted creations that were hidden underneath the liquids by the griefer.

4. If cobblestone, stone or obsidian was generated from the combination of water and lava, use the //replacenear command to remove the blocks easily. Example: "//replacenear 10 cobblestone 0"
- This will replace cobblestone to air within a radius of 10. For obsidian or stone, just replace cobblestone with the block name in the command. Eventually Spike will disable blocks being generated but for now it can be removed using world edit.

5. Proceed to ban the griefer. If any destruction or unwanted creations are found, refer to method one or two.


You can now ban players. I will let you use your own discretion for some violations but it's advised to follow the guidelines for others.


PvP Hacking:

You ban the player.


Griefing can either be a permanent ban or a temporary ban, but anything more than a few weeks might as well just be permanent. My enforcement for this actually depends on the extent of the griefing, if the griefer has griefed multiple plots, etc. Minor damages would be equivalent to a temporary ban while major damages is obviously permanent. Players who are banned for griefing temporarily are to be permanently banned if they return only to grief again. A temporary ban is basically issuing a second chance to the griefer to not screw up again.

Server advertising:

Permanent ban.

Constant verbal harassment against players or harassment via books:

One day to one week temporary ban. I will let you make the decision, but it should really be dependent upon the extent and form of the harassment. I've never actually had to ban somebody for a week for harassing somebody.

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