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17th Mar 2014


I appreciate your willingness to help the community by reporting issues to us, but sometimes a plot may not be griefed like you think it is. It may resemble griefing if the plot has been flooded with lava or water but if the plot owner does not first report it to you as a griefing, do not decide for them if it is. Sometimes a player will randomly stumble upon a plot that looks like it has been griefed and will assume the plot owner is not OK with it when this may not be the case at all. First ask the plot owner if it is a griefing before reporting it for them. If they're offline, ask them later or just disregard the plot until they announce it themselves.

These are the main scenarios for these reports filed as griefing:

1) Player stumbles upon random plot covered in lava and water. Assuming that it was griefed. Player did not thoroughly inspect the plot, however; as the plot owner was also responsible for other liquids and damages to the plot.

In this scenario, while it looks like the plot was griefed using liquids, it was never reported by the plot owner as being griefed and since the plot owner also contributed to the lava and water, we are not going to ban anybody.

2) Player stumbles upon a plot where the builds have a few holes in them. The player then reports it to the forums under the assumption that the plot owner would not have forgiven the alleged griefer. 

Again, the player should consult the plot owner first before reporting their plot. The plot owner could have been friends with the griefer and may not have wanted it to be reported or their friend punished. We don't always have the full story so we rely on the person reporting it to us to give us the details we need to successfully resolve the issue. There have been times where I banned a player because it looked like they griefed but the plot owner then asked me to unban the griefer because they were friends and the plot owner didn't really care about the damages to the plot. It is important to be as thorough and accurate as possible.


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Forum » Forums » Report Locked
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