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17th Mar 2014

So you've got something to show off or report, huh? But you don't know how to post it?! That's a problem! Well I'm here to help~!

F2 for windows 7/vista/xp and cntrl+F2 for Windows 8  (if I'm wrong please message me) or  FN+F2 for Macs and Notebooks  (mini laptops)

You should get a message telling you that Minecraft took a screenshot.

To get that screenshot; For windows, go to your start bar and  use the search to type in %appdata%  for Macs ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/screenshots

Inside your minecraft folder is  screenshots  and,  unless you've tampered with it, they should be in order from oldest to newest.

You can upload these to any image site (I prefer Imgur, but there are other free-to-host and No-account image hosting sites)


You do not need an account to upload to Imgur

I use imgur simply because it has the  drag and drop  feature that makes uploading screenshots SUPER EASY.

This is the  upload button . Unless you're super good at navigating your computer so you don't have to open Windows Explorer or the like,  this is what you click and use . If you are captain of your computer, you probably don't need this tutorial.

This is what you should see when you click that button. If you don't see it, refresh the page and try again.

From here you highlight the images from your folder. ( Hold shift when clicking between two pictures to highlight everything in between  or  hold control or ctrl for Windows  and  Command/Apple key for Macs  to only highlight specific pictures ((As pictured below))

From there, just  drag and drop !

Click this to upload your picture.


After uploading it to your site of choice (Imgur pictured),  Right-click and Copy the Direct Link

Now to put the image in your post click the  Img  button located on the top of your posting space. You'll get the code Right-Click and Paste  your  Direct Link  between them.

Once you do that, your picture(s) will automatically be included in the post.

TAH DAH! You're done!

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Forum » Forums » Report Locked
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