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If you like this idea, let me know!

Yes, I think that this would be a good contest prize.
I don't have an opinion either way towards this.
No, this would not be feasible for the server.
No, this idea sounds horrible. Don't post any more ideas here!

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20th Mar 2014

My suggestion is: we add a rank!

The rank would be called either VIP or Contest Winner. The only way to achieve this rank is if a person that currently does not have a rank wins a contest. If so, then they will be promoted. The only commands that they would have different would be /tp and /tpo because they are not staff, and the rank would expire after one month. But, because they won the contest, they would get to have an extra plot for the one months time of the ranks. After one month, they would be demoted back to default, and their extra plot would be reset.
Yeah, probably not going to be accepted, and I'm okay with that, just throwing the idea out there.

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21st Mar 2014

Your Talking About Ranks. Its possible that i may. But then they have more commands. the Prizes im thinking of is prob auto Graph or Prob a custom Border. Im still thinking of it.

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