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21st Mar 2014

This is For Everyone that wants to be in a contest!!!

I will host a contest that i think will be fun for players. I will broadcast it threw the server and Post a new thread on the forums. I put good prizes in like ( Building On My Plot, Having A Border ) stuff like that. I host the contest for about 2 weeks for players to build .

Anyone can join a contest if posted on the forums. I will put the prizes in for first place, second place and third place. There are random themes i will do to make it fun for players and hope it starts a challenge.

How to Join The Contest?
You Join by going to the forum and putting that your join, and even if your teaming up with someone else. 
You pur your plot or there plot that your building it on.

( Thats how to Join A Contest, Real easy Huh )

Well hoped this helped you how to join a contest 

After the Contest is finished. I Will lock the thread up and think of a new contest that may be challenging.

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Most Likely Dealing with players

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Forum » Forums » Contests Locked
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